Delphi21 Advisors, LLC (formerly known as Next Gen Advisors) is a consulting firm that works with family businesses, partnerships and closely held companies across the United States.

Formerly known as Next Gen Advisors, the Firm provides advice and counsel on employment plans, compensation plans, succession plans, and related topics to help individuals and organizations flourish. When necessary, the Delphi21 Advisors are available to help resolve conflict. The Delphi21 Partners have decades of experience in business, law and human relations, and have developed a differentiated approach to assisting its clients by melding and applying timeless wisdom with cutting-edge (21st Century) insights from social neuroscience, positive psychology, and behavioral economics. Our unique approach often leads to a richer understanding of the interpersonal dynamics that undergird a business which, in turn, improves its sustainability and growth. The Delphi21 Team Members are Entrepreneurs-in-Residence at the University at Buffalo, have written numerous books and articles, and are frequent speakers at Universities, Trade Associations, and other organizations across the United States.

While our new website is currently under construction, we are here and ready to help you with your family business and closely held business needs.

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